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Stop your home energy costs from literally going through the roof!

The average home loses between 25-35% of its thermal energy through its roof. These costs add up fast, and will make you sweat your bills as you freeze your toosh off! Give Steve a call at 603.608.5459 today to find out how much we can save you every day!

Stop the damage before it hurts your home and wallet.

Inadequate insulation can lead to a plethora of issues for you and your home - Issues like pests, moisture, mold and icing - Pests and varmint seek shelter in the cold months, finding warm drafts that lead them to holes in your house; Allowing the warm humid air to mix with cooler, dry air will cause moisture to settle on your rafters and framing. This can cause rot and mold; And worse still, in the winter months when high levels of heat seep through the peak and pitch of the roof, melting snow sends little streams to your much colder valleys and eaves, causing ice damns. This ice will lift your shingles, damaging them. The ice will then creep through your plywood roof and remelt, causing leaks inside your house!

Call your neighbors at Itchy & Scratchy today so we can help you prepare your home!

Although we specialize in a thermal and vapor barrier system for industrial applications, we're still a small, local company that wants your business! This company is owned and operated by Stephen Hayes and he employs hard working folks from Epping and Fremont New Hampshire. (including me)

 So help him help us help you by giving him a call today at 603.608.5459! 

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